Major CCL North Technology Investment

CCL North have undergone a major investment this summer with the installation of a new WEEE shredding plant. The new machine is supplied by Ulster Shredders and will process 10 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) per day.

The system will shred scrap equipment to less than 30mm in size for automatic segregation of ferrous metals and then further segregation of copper, printed circuit boards and plastics. This processing maximises the value and recyclability of the material. The complete machine is over 20 metres in length and will facilitate one of the most complete recycling solutions in the UK.  CCL North have worked closely with the manufacturer Ulster Shredders to develop and build this machine and hope to collaborate with them on future WEEE recycling developments.

It offers a more cost effective solution for material size reduction and separation. It has many uses including safe and licensed processing of end of life product, secure data destruction of hard drives (or other storage media) and presents a cleaner and better separated material into onward recycling streams.

For the environment it means less waste being sent to landfill. The shredder will allow us to produce a higher quality of recycled material for return to industry as raw material.


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