Data Destruction, Hard Drive Shredding & Disposal

CCL (North) offer secure data destruction services for hard drives, data tapes, CDs, memory sticks and other media storage devices.

We can provide this service in house, or on site at our clients premises. Destruction can be carried out either by licenced software erasure, hard drive degaussing or physical destruction. All of our processes can be witnessed by our clients at any time. Full documentation is provided free of charge to ensure you have the paper trail you need for peace of mind and compliance with all current regulations and WEEE legislation.

Software based data destruction is carried out by CCL using the highest level data erasure software. This carries the best standard available in the UK to HMG Infosec5 / CESG level. Certified data erasure is provided electronically, confirming serial number and specification of each individual drive. 

Degaussing can be carried out on data bearing devices on site at our clients premises, to ensure data is destroyed before material is transported.

Our shredding process (which can be seen in action here) can be used for all storage media reducing the items to little pieces ensuring permanent destruction of the data and media. We can process over 1,000 drives per hour. The pieces themselves will be processed or melted down in further stages of recycling, providing an environmentally friendly end to your items diverting material from landfill.

All of our methods ensure complete compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

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