CRT & Television Recyling and Disposal

Old televisions and computer monitors are hazardous waste by EU and UK regulations. They must be recycled properly to prevent harm to the environment. Our CRT recycling process is the most comprehensive available in the UK, Ireland and Europe

With the exception of the phosphors in the tube, every single part can be reused or recycled. Just as with our IT and computer recycling process, the plastics are recycled into new products. Printed circuit boards are smelted to recover valuable metals. Cables are recovered for copper and plastics.

The glass from the CRTs is carefully treated with state of the art recovery equipment and returned to CRT manufacturers for reuse in new CRTs. Even the dust recovered from the glass recycling can be reused!

Our service can give you the peace of mind that only a quality, fully licensed and professional service can. Contact us for more details and let us answer your recycling and refurbishing needs.


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