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IT Disposal: Windows 7 Discontinuation

As of 14th January 2020, Microsoft no longer offers security updates and system upgrades for the Windows 7 operating system.

There are reportedly millions of PCs still using Windows 7 - a substantial number of potentially vulnerable assets carrying unsecured data. Windows 7 operated PCs will not suddenly stop working, but they will become more vulnerable to data threats.  Any PC or laptop running Windows 7 should be upgraded or replaced as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary data security risk.

Upgrade or Replace?

The symbiotic relationship between operating system software and IT hardware often means when one reaches the end of life stage, the other is soon to follow. If your organisation has computers using Windows 7, it is unlikely that the hardware is as fast or efficient as it could be, so this may be the trigger for an overhaul of your IT estate.

Secure IT Asset Disposal

Of course, disposing of IT equipment can in itself carry data security risks. You need to take care and ensure you have a secure IT disposal policy in place to guide. Using a reliable ITAD partner to guide you will provide you with the best options for data destruction and disposal of your redundant kit. 

Environmental Responsibility

If you are replacing your Windows 7 PCs, and want to be assured of secure, environmentally friendly and legally compliant IT disposal, contact us today to arrange hassle-free collection of your redundant devices. With over 20 years experience, CCL can guide you through the process and ensure that secure data destruction and environmental protection are delivered side-by-side.

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